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The below options are suitable for all levels from absolute beginner to seasoned athletes.
Pick the option that suits your budget and goals best and we’ll ensure you get what you need based on your experience and fitness level.

Want Customized One-on-One Coaching?

If you are looking for something more tailored to your specific needs, we offer a limited number of slots for one-on-one coaching. 

Your plan will be tailored to fit your needs and  your workouts will be focused specifically to your goals, circumstances and planned races.

If this is what you are looking for to take you to the next level, then check out our coaches and decide which one fits best with you.

Which Coach Would You Like To Work With?

Siri Lindley

Head Coach Known for her devastating run splits, two-time Triathlon World Champion, Siri Lindley, dominated the International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Rankings for two years in 2001 and 2002. Winning the World Cup Series both years by being the #1 ranked triathlete in the world. Having achieved all of her goals in professional triathlon competition... Read more

Rebecca Keat

Assistant Coach Pro triathlete, (Exercise Nutrition, completing BExSc) coach and fun loving positive person! Rebekah has been a pro triathlete for over 15 years with over 20 years experience in the sport! Rebekah has been coaching for several years whilst competing at the highest level as a top 10 ranked international triathlete... Read more

Leanna Carriere

I have over 15 years of experience personal training, working with all levels of athletes in various sports and fit for life clients. I love to inspire others to accomplish even more then they set out to. I have worked with Bek and Siri over the past 4 years, have fallen in love with endurance sports and where it takes both body and mind to grow.  Read more

Just Looking For A Training Plan?

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Plans Are Available

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Results driven world-class coaching

Results driven world-class coaching

Learn from the Best Of The Best – Our coaches include World, Ironman and Olympic champions with decades of experience.

  • With multiple club tiers, pick the option that fits best with your lifestyle
  • Get constant feedback and communication with Siri, Bek and the rest of the coaching team.
  • Leave no stone unturned so that you arrive on the start line physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to be the very best that you can be.
  • Access to our exclusive library of videos with key training and racing content that will take your performance to the next level.

A community of likeminded people

This will be your TRIBE!

  • Here you will find inspiration, connection, challenge, empowerment, and personal transformation.
  • When we do things as a family, a magic is created. That environment takes us all to a new level of performance.
  • Get YOUR breakthrough!
  • Celebrate your passion for life.
A community of likeminded people


Achieving excellence within yourself is not just physical. This will be a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey, that will see you realize your potential, and be able to tap into it to create the extraordinary life you dream of!

  • Learn the mindset of champions.
  • Champions aren’t born, champions are made – everyone has the potential to be a champion of their own life.
  • We will share all our experiences with you, in life and in sport, to provide you with the most powerful learning environment.
Access to Siri & her team
Exclusive deals, discounts, and apparel

Exclusive deals, discounts, and apparel

  • Discounts on our camps and from our sponsors.
  • Tons of swags and giveaways just for club members!
“I saw the angel in the marble and carved it until I set him free” – Michelangelo
Siri Lindley is an incredible coach. She has been my trusted mentor and at my side through truly tough work and amazing accomplishments. She always has a plan in place and makes working together both strategic and fun.
Mirinda Carfrae

3x Kona World Champion

Siri has many positive affirmations. This is what makes her so special and unique and also why her athletes love her so much. She has been such a positive influence on me and on everyone on our team.
Rebekah "Bek" Keat

6x Iron Distance Champion

Siri is not only a amazing person, but one of the best coaches in the World. She has so much enthusiasm and is always excited over even the smallest things. She motivates all her athletes day in, day out.
Yvonne Van Vlerken

Top Ranked Triathlete in the World

Words cannot express my gratitude I have for Bek and Siri.  I began coaching under Bek almost a year ago.  Bek is not only an accomplished athlete but she is extraordinary as a coach and person. She is extremely passionate, knowledgeable, detailed-oriented  and has a wealth of knowledge. She provides positive encouragement, invaluable feedback, inspiration and motivation each day. This year has been such an incredible experience for me.  Thank you Bek & Siri for everything you have done. I’m enjoying every minute of this amazing journey together.
Hillary (age group athlete)

When I started working with Bek the experience was amazing from day one. The best way to describe it is “BOOM” – in a mere 8 weeks we got me to a 5 minute PR on the marathon! Bek’s experience as a great athlete makes her a great coach. The planning and knowledge she applies is so comprehensive, and carries through to workouts that are tailored to my goals, gaps, and needs as an athlete. Her belief in me plays a big part in lifting my own game. I really benefit from her constant encouragement and feedback, and doubt she’ll let me do less than my best.
Christine (age group athlete)

Thank you – not just for the workouts and emails but everything you do behind the scenes to make me a better athlete and person! I will do my best to make you proud! Team Sirius is the most amazing team I have ever been a part of. I’m blessed to be in the company of so many accomplished athletes!
Justin (age group athlete)