Triathlon Training Tips

Triathlon Tips Video Series

New to triathlon? Learn everything you need to know to get started with our Beginner Triathlete Video Series. We’ll be adding more content often so check back for updates or subscribe to our channel by clicking the Youtube button below.

What is Triathlon?

What’s is triathlon, and what are the differences between the sprint distance, olympic distance, Ironman, etc? Learn more in this video by elite triathlete Rebekah Keat.
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What Equipment do you need for Triathlon?

What equipment do you need if you want to do a Triathlon? In this video elite triathlete Rebekah Keat tells you all the equipment you need to train and race like the pros!
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One Arm Board Drill

In this swim drill for beginner triathlete’s, Rebekah Keat will give you swimming tips to make you faster in the pool!

Sighting Drill

Sighting while in the motion of your stroke. As you take your stroke lift your head and incorporate your sighting to where your breath would typically be. Maintain your rhythm and don’t break your stroke.

3 Key Swim Tips for Swimming Faster

Siri Lindley explains the 3 tips for swimming fast in triathlon while Bek demonstrates in the pool..

Mounting Your Bike Clipped In

Bek demonstrates how to mount your bike with your shoes already clipped into your pedals!

Triathlon Training Articles

Sirius Musings: The Psychology of an Injured Athlete

Australian Triathlete Magazine

Picture this: You are a dedicated triathlete who has been doing this sport for a couple years, maybe many years. You have worked hard to learn all three disciplines and improve in all three. You love this sport and it is what you do! Then one day, out training, you feel something not right. It hurts, it’s tight, and it’s causing you to run funny… read the article.

Sirius Musings: The Power of Gratitude

Australian Triathlete Magazine

Gratitude. I have this word tattooed on my wrist, because I believe it is one of the most powerful words in my life. My understanding of the power of gratitude has truly changed my life. It started when I was an athlete. I had to put my heart and soul into my dream of becoming a world champion in triathlon… read the article.

Sirius Musings: Honest Work Brings Honest Confidence

Australian Triathlete Magazine

Confidence – such a powerful thing to have going into your racing season. We all race better with confidence. Less anxiety, less fear, no question marks. What we all want when we line up to race is KNOWING that we did everything we needed to do to show up on that start line, one hundred percent ready… read the article.

Sirius Musings: Believe You Can

Australian Triathlete Magazine

People would always ask me “Whom will you need to beat to win? Who is your biggest competitor?” and I would always say, “I have no control over anyone but myself”. I consider myself my toughest opponent where, in order for me to have my best race, I have to focus on executing to the very best of my ability in every moment… read the article.

Sirius Musings: The great lessons of life and sport, learned through my dogs

Australian Triathlete Magazine

You may wonder how a dog influences who you are today. Well, they really do teach you lessons if you let them. By observing your own dog’s loyalty, passion for life, joyous spirit and never-ending excitement for life, you are inspired to take on some of that same energy, and live your own life in the same way… read the article

Sirius Musings: Go Forth and Conquer

Australian Triathlete Magazine

As an athlete, the thing that inspired me the most was this – I felt I had been blessed with not only an ability, but the desire to work hard to hone this ability to be the very best that I could be. I was blessed with not only the opportunity to chase my dreams, but also with the ability to actually have a shot at making those dreams come true… read the article

Sirius Musings: The Real Deal

Australian Triathlete Magazine

“Where your focus goes, your energy flows”. – this is one of the most powerful things the outstanding Tony Robbins has taught me. Focus on what you don’t want, and you will get it. Focus on what you do want, and you will receive it! The number one piece of advice I give athletes is this: “focus on where you want to go, not on where you don’t want to go”… read the article.